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Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When it all hits the fan

The greenbeans are up as are the other seeds I planted the other day...With the warm temps and rain we got last night I was not surprised to find them this morning. I just love the little things in this life. Seems the rest of the world can't see beyond their big homes and pricey cars to see what really matters. Most of the world today feels like 'you have nothing' if you don't have every electronic gadget out there, if your not in debt up past your eyeballs, if you don't constantly seek to redo your home to keep up with the latest 'trend' in home decorating, and if you don't drive the most expensive car in the neighborhood parked infront of the biggest house on the block..Well, I guess I don't have much...I mean we only have 18 acres instead of a 'city lot', our home is paid for(even though its a mobile), we have one vehicle almost paid for and one that is paid for, we live in the country and raise most of what we eat instead of buying and eating food that we have no idea where it came from or what it went through before getting to my family's table. Oh! we barter too!...Don't have many electronics 'round here other than some pretty cool power tools(muuuuhhaaaawww), a couple generators, some CB radios and few other little 'useless' gadgets nothing really important like gameing  systems!🙂 A home re-do here is finding some cool prep at a garage sale and bringing home and cleaning out a place to put it, that is usually a major undertaking(preppers you will understand that)...LOL...For fun we go fishing or drive country roads not on expensive vacation that we pay for with a credit card, sometimes we take a day trip to someplace like bass pro or a gun show :0) We are not big into investing our money, with whats going on in our world not sure I want anyone but me to have my money, so our investments are beans, bullets and band-aids...seems they may be worth a whole lot in in the future...not a bad thing to add to your portfolio... errr.... pantry...We also invest in farm critters, like cows, dairy goats, pigs, chickens & ducks etc..figure those fine farm friends can feed me someday since I have fed them so much..we are just selfish that way..*smile*...maybe it's my sense of entitlement coming out*grin*...So while the rest of the world sits around talking about how folks like me don't have much...I will quietly sit over here on my little slice of earth...grin and wonder what will happen to all those fine folks that have more than me when it all hits the fan.😁

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  1. Oh my goodness you are sooooooo much like me!! So glad to have found you! :)