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Friday, October 26, 2012

Back to our future

Back to our future...sounds similar to the 80's movie, Back to THE future...This has been on my mind alot lately, maybe do to the economy or the election and maybe because I think to much...LOL....I am a thinker...whatever the reason it has really weighed on my mind that our ancestors can teach us what I think may well be our future...If you have ever sit for very long at all and pondered what would happen if our economy actually failed, or we were hit with a global pandemic(coming in the near future) or ______(you fill in the blank) We could actually be plunged back in the early days...There is no way to know that if in any of our lifetimes that would actually happen, it is all mere speculation, but farm man and I do feel it wise to invest our time and energy into learning the skills of days of old...Even if nothing globally catastrophic ever happens in our life time, there are the daily up's and down's of life that many of us have experienced...I know in our own personal life when we moved here and things took a downward turn we were so glad to have the knowledge we had, many would not have been able to stick with it and make it through...So many today rely on the modern gadgets and conveniences that todays world offers they cannot fathom not having a phone, computer, television, anything electric... many homes across america are total electric and most people just think that it will always be there...We are not that naive...we were over night thrust into a way of living had not been seen or touched by most in 60+ years...

We feel there was a reason...was it to show us a glimpse of our past? Maybe a glimpse into our future? Whatever the reason it was hard, but blessed...I am ever so grateful to have had that experience...One thing I loved was the simplness of it all...there seemed to be more hours in the day, the reality of course is that days were not longer, we just did not have all the distractions that we have in 'modern' lives. There was no television to sit and watch, or computer to sit in front of for hours, we spent our time enjoying what God had given us...nature, time, each other, gardening, hiking and learning new skills.  It was during this time that the words God had spoken to us so long ago "Be prepared, the time is nigh" came to life and began to take shape in our minds and lives....we came to understand what we were to do...its been an amazing journey thus far...hard, but amazing...Farm man and I are forever grateful for the journey, in spite of the many tears, wondering why us, and sometimes thinking we could not go on...We have learned that with Gods amazing strength we can do all things, through prayer we find a friend that never fails, through trials we grow, and through faith we have peace and when we fall short he gives us undying grace...Our life looks different to many out there, and there are some on the other side of the fence that will never understand how things like this can change you...and thats ok...someday we may all be faced with the challenges farm man and I have already experienced...it will make you bitter, or it will make you better...I have become a little bitter and alot better...Through this amazing journey we had each other to live, love and laugh with and our Lord to lead, guide and sustain us...I can honestly say if and when things go awry we will be ok...We are grateful to have been able to go back and continue to live what might be future.