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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 3 and pictures

We are on day 3 of no grid power and doing well...This is a walk in the park compared to 4 years ago, so we are doing fine...Our biggest bump in the road has been the inverter...Farm man went to purchase a little one last night and when he got there, they were sold out, whoever told him they had one in stock was mistaken...*ugh*..Oh well, we will continue to use the generator as needed...Still investigating all our options for long term power...Today I am using the washing machine as normal and we use the clothes line since it is nice outside..... good temps and nice breeze...

I think we finally decided on the inverter to order, still checking around on prices...but so far it is this one that we are pretty decided on http://www.donrowe.com/inverters/voltec_2000_ps.html it is a pure sine inverter, which is needed for things like computers and HDTV...modified sine inverters will not run electronics well...also we have learned you have to look at the amps...and 17 amps should be ok to run our household things like lights, tv., computers...not the well or hotwater heater, but a solution to that is also in the works...then we are looking into whether to use 6 volt or 12 volt batteries, farm man is waiting on a call back from a man to ask some questions...this is certainly educational if nothing else...

Had poster(C.T.) say they would like to see pictures of how we hooked in the generator to our meter pole..it is running pretty much everything we need or want, just have to be careful what we run at the same time....so here they are...Click the pics to make them larger...