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Monday, December 24, 2012

Old Timey Church

I have often over the years spoke of my wonderful church...there are not many around like them anymore...Ours is small, 50 people or so and not all of them attend every week...We are a church that does not compromise to get members, we are not a church with a gazillion different programs, gimicks or activities to get folks to come..we are simply a bible believing, tell it like it is, full gospel kinda folks...we still sing all the old hymns and do not sing the modern christian music of today...Seeing as how I am physically stuck in this era but my heart belongs in an era of long ago...lol...I love my church...I love everyone in it, The pastor and his wife are not the kinda folks you find anymore...they preach what they live and live what they preach...I have known them 31 years and they are like parents to me..Last night our church had a little Christmas service and not only did we honor our Lord and we held a special service to wish them a very Merry Christmas...it was nice and had many new visitors...our Pastors son spoke of Jesus and how he is the light of our world he mentioned how wonderful it was to be one of those that saw the light...That is also an old song we like to sing...here is a glimspse into that part of my life...I am playing the tamborine, the pastors son is singing...Enjoy!