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Friday, June 3, 2016

Just a short update

Rocky Oak Homestead

Time once again has gotten away from me...I stay so busy these days with other things that I just 'forget' to blog...LOL

Like eveyone else our garden is doing great...it takes a lot of work to put it in and keep it up, but its worth it..

So the happenings here are as follows:

We took our biggest hog into the processer, she weighed just over 500 lbs...we got 350 lbs of meat from her...we will pick that up next week...I am thrilled to have our pork freezer full!

We still the have the meat birds to process...we were going to do it last weekend, but things came up that made it impossible to get them done...so hopefully this next week we can get to those...

We have began harvesting yellow squash and zuchinni from the garden...our tomato plants are loaded with baby tomatoes...soon very soon...The pepper plants are loaded as well..

The grapes are amazing, the blueberries are doing good, this will  be our biggest harvest since planting them 4 years ago..Not huge but noteworthy...

I am back up to well over 100 chickens again...we'll see how that works for us...Almost all the baby pigs are gone, just a few left to sell...we held one female back for breeding will be getting another old spot this fall hopefully...

We are still working and adding to our new relaxion area in the yard(see pic above)...its coming along nicely...the flower seeds I planted are beginning to bloom...

My herb bed is just awesome...I cannot believe how big everything is...Soon, very soon I will have to do some transplanting...Things are getting so big I am outta room...

I saved the best to last...Heehee

Farmman and and I have made several changes to our lives this year...some I don't feel like sharing here, but this one I do...We have completely and totally revamped our diet...

So, remember back a few months ago when I was so sick? Well, after months of deaing with doctors I decided to take matters in my own hand...I decided to lose some weight...I was not horribly overweight but enough I didn't like myself much and felt horrible...So what did I do? I decided to follow the Keto diet...it is similar to Atkins...I had remembered the doctor that I loved that moved to the Cleveland clinic telling me she thought I was gluten intolerant(not celiac)...well I did stay off gluten for awhile, but....well....its hard!

This time I was and am determined...Well 3 days into this Farm man jumped on board...We now eat only meat,eggs, and veggies...berries ocassionally and nuts...I have lost 18 lbs in 28 days and Farm man has lost a whopping 25 lbs...his blood pressure has dropped and his blood sugar is now running normally...Now, he is diabetic, so before he began this diet we taked with his dietician...she said it was a good a way to eat... just hard...if he keeps this up he could be off all meds in 30 days!

So heres what we do...I eat no more than 30 total carbs a day and I try to stay below 20 total carbs a day...Farm man has 50 or less carbs a day...We eat NO bread of any kind, no potatos, no corn, no grains and no sugar at all at this point, somethings will be added in small increments later...We eat minimal fruit mainly strawberries, blueberries and blackberries...other fruit with high carbs will be added in later...So besides weight loss I feel fabulous...I have tons more energy, the swelling issues I was having body wide is resolving at an awesome rate...Many of my IBS symptoms have improved...I still have joint pain, but I suppose some of that can be expected at my age *smile*...My brain fog has gotten better, and my tripping and falling have improved...Many of my symptoms are totally gone...So this is working for us...

I do not advocate anyone do this without first talking to a doctor...This was a very radical change for us, but its working...We also eat as organic as we can...We are in a situation where we can raise our own meat, vegetables, herbs and fruit along with raw honey...So we are feeling pretty blest...I still have to purchase somethings like almond milk, and various flours like almond and coconut...and of course months we can't grow our own we will purchase...Its been a wonderful change for us...Were not where we need to be, but closer than we used to be!..I have 20-25 more lbs to go!...

Pictures next time!
The Homestead Lady


  1. Congratulations and continued best wishes for you both on your new way of eating.

  2. HL,

    Hey Sweet Lady, I'm so proud and happy for you and Farm Man. Keep up the good work, and make your changes a way of life change. Forget about everything else, you've found what works for you and your family.

    Putting away this amazing gift of pork in your freezer for future meals is a true gift from the good Lord. Hopefully, the weather will be perfect for processing your chickens.

    It looks like we've made it past another tornado season without major issues. Now let's have a wonderful summer without extreme heat.

    Sending hugs and love your way.

  3. Still haven't managed to take the time to look up that diet. But I know for us we need a change! I had a tractor dude out here on Tuesday and after he mowed the back acre he tilled me up a garden...hold onto something.....2,776 sq ft!!! I gardened just under 600 sq ft in Jefferson! I am so excited...and so tired:) Things are looking so beautiful in your relaxation spot:)