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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This and That

While spring is still several weeks away this is the time of year we begin planning for spring...We begin figuring out our gardens like what we want to plant where and how much of each item we want to plant etc...Gardening this year will done differently to make it easier for us to manage...I'm excited to begin building the beds, but that will still be a couple weeks away....

We are thinking we may be having piglets soon, like next month, but not sure...its not easy to know if pigs are bred like it is goats, dogs etc..There are some tell tale signs and we think we are seeing them...you can look at their "backside" and tell according to old time farmers...I can't say for sure how accurate this as we have not done this long enough, but according to old time farmers if you look at your females private parts... in an unbred pig the "point" will point downward or outward where as a bred pigs "point" will point upward...it begins to point upward as the uterus grows and puts pressure on the female parts...Makes sense to me....I know they were talking about the big breed meat pigs not the smaller breed of pigs so not real sure if that is the case with all breeds of pigs..I haven't been out to look at our pigs lately, but need to go do that(make note to self)...

I have began saving eggs for my first and hopefully only hatch this season...I am hopeful for a big and sucessful hatch so I only have to raise chicks once this year....About the time the chicks are ready to go out to the chicken yard, the turkeys should be mating and laying eggs and I can do one big hatch of those...thats the plan anyway...we all know how the best laid plans can go awry...

We sold a few rabbits a couple weeks ago...our freezer is full and we had to many...I still have upwards of 15...I will begin breeding next week, maybe...I am also contemplating on selling out...Time will tell....

It's been a wonderful winter overall here in our neck of the woods...we have had a few bitterly cold spells, but overall its been tolerable...Very little snow this year...YAY! We had a 'dusting' a couple of times but was gone within hours...I am not a snow person at all...can totally live without the stuff..LOL..I am hopeful for the trend to continue...but I also know Feb. and March can bring some of our worst winter weather, but I can still hope, right?

Still not much going on here...but soon that will change...We will be busy will all kinds of activities and new life springing forth on the homestead....Spring is my most favorite time of year!

Keep Calm and Homestead On!
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