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Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I have been in a state of contemplation for some time now about whether to keep this blog up and going...if you are asking why, well you had to know I would explain...LOL

Our homestead is a way of life for us...its not something "we do"...its who we are...I struggle many days with what to write about simply because I don't feel it's blog worthy...See, I don't feel it's in our best interest to blog about everything we do or have...Why? To many prying eyes! I am a very private person and for me to blog about every tidbit of my life, well I let go of my privacy...It is OUR opinion that showing every goat you own, every barn you own, layout of your land, using your real name, giving away what town you live in etc...is just detrimental to you and your family....so when I see this online I just don't get it...further more I see readers flocking to these kinds of post which I understand, but it leaves me baffled....

We do many of the same identical things and probably more than those bloggers do, but due to safety/privacy concerns we choose to not to share it all...so my dear fellow bloggers that leaves me in a strange place...what do I blog about?

Maybe its time to shut 'r down and just live our life...Things in our world are changing at a very rapid rate...seems we are safe no where anymore...We(farm mand and I) need to be busy 'doing' and not 'sharing' so much...I think we have realized when we give a head count of every critter we have, how many water storage bins we have, what kind of weapons we possess, show pictures of our home, post about our land lay out(we would never do) we have opened the door for some unsavory visitors...

I have some hits on my counter from "g'ment' offices...I don't like that...while I don't use my real name, with your IP number who you really are and where you are really located is not that hard for the right people...So, again this leaves me with what to blog about...I think we have to ask ourselves, is our security and safety more important than our blogging? Is blogging worth the risk of unwanted visitors? I love blogging..its a way to get my thoughts out of my head, but at what cost??

I am in limbo...off to contemplate some more...

Until next ttime...
The Homestead Lady