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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


We are making progress on goals here at the homestead...Some are easier to attain than others...but we will reach all of them this spring and summer hopefully...if not, well at least we are making progress!

We added 50 meat birds to the homestead last week...Should be able to process them out in May....For us that should be right at a years worth of chicken...Lost a few within a couple of days of them arriving, but the hatchery is re-shipping what I lost at no charge...The little hen house we bought a few weeks ago has worked perfect for a brood house!

We also ordered honeybees...We ordered a nuc from a man locally and we can take our equipment and he will transfer the bees for us...This will be our first time keeping bees so I have been reading up on keeping them since last summer....We will go with a langstroth hive, seems they are the most popular and from what I am reading the simplest to keep...around here people seem to have really good luck with them...Our bees will be ready for pick up in May...

Our peach trees are loaded with blooms and absolutly beautiful hoping for a bumper crop of peaches this year....The dogwoods are bloomed out and things are greening up...

Since my first hatch of eggs didn't do as well as I had hoped we went ahead and added another 102 hen eggs and 6 turkey eggs...they should hatch in a couple weeks...Both my turkey hens are laying so I am collecting eggs to put in the incubator as soon as the chicken eggs come out...Then I am hopeful to turn the incubator off for the season...

We are selling out of rabbits...We are selling cages and all...I love rabbits, but we have a freezer full and just don't need anymore...so they are nothing but a food bill at this point and that is just a waste of money...So, they will be sold....I have a lady suppost to call me today for me to quote her a price for my entire set up...if she don't buy we will take everything to the auction Saturday morning...if anyone lives close to extreme NE Oklahoma and interested email me at thehomesteadlady@hotmail.com and in the subject line put rabbits.

Still no piglets but it can't be far off...she is huge! I am eager to see how many she has....All will be sold except 2 which we will process out for the freezer...another years worth meat...Its awesome to raise your own!

We went to a misc. auction last saturday and picked up some really awesome stuff...My most favorite find was seeds....500 packs of various flower seeds....At .99 cents a pack that was 500.00 worth of seeds and I gave 57.00 for all of them complete with display! With bees coming we figured we could plant flowers around the house and in the woods and feed the bees! For that price I couldn't pass it up! (pic below)

All in all things are going very well here on the homestead...This is my favorite time of year and I spend alot of time outside just sitting in the sun...I love nature watching...We have tons of doves around here and I enjoy watching them...Nature is an amazing thing...

Duty awaits so I need to sign off...

Until next time....Stay calm and homestead on!
The Homestead Lady

My awesome seed find

Peach bloom with honey bee

Amazing peach blooms....100s of them

Chicks I hatched on the left and meat birds on the right