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Monday, May 8, 2017

Rocky Oak Built Us!

So we survived the torential rain fall here at Rocky Oak, but others nearby were not so lucky...I feel for them many lost everything...Keep them in your thoughts.

Our garden did take a hit from all the water, but we are hopeful it bounces back and makes it...if not looks like a replant in the next few days. I am grateful that we survived and have the ability to replant if necessary...

We had decided to go a bit smaller this year with our gardening endeavors, but of course we changed our minds...LOL...We added another smaller garden for green beans and Roma tomatoes...We also added 5 more blueberry bushes. In all reality we are still smaller than normal in the gardening dept so we're still good!

Life here is still at a slower pace than it used to be...We are working on a few smallish projects...things like adding bird feeders, bird houses... some flower beds and shrubry...simple things....however simple things can add a touch of beauty to any homestead...

My mornings are my favorite times...I get up, let the dogs out...make my coffee...when my coffee is done, I pour my yeti mug and make my way outside to my meditation garden...I sit for a few and breathe, watch the various sundry of wild birds make their way to the feeders...I am grateful for it all...After a few minutes I find one of my guided meditations and just close my eyes and relax...letting go of all that burdens me and steals my peace... 

I spend my days keeping things done in the house, walking outside enjoying all of nature...I think and reflect on life...people...nature...where I've been and where I wanna go...So many life changing experiences in past years...that old saying that life can make you  bitter or make you better is true...I was headed on a path of bitterness...but realized it served no good purpose to hate, be angry or look backwards...life is short...

I often wonder had we been any where but here on the homestead if I would have been able to find myself...the solitude here is amazing...it affords me the privacy and quietness that I need to reflect, be still, and slow down...I've heard it said nature is the greatest physician and I have to agree...nature is healing...simply walking with purpose and mindfulness is amazing...watching the birds...smelling the air....feeling the breeze on your skin...healing...

I work in my garden with a renewed passion...no longer is it a way of just eating...it is a way to connect with nature...I have learned a deeper appreciation for all life, including plants and amazing process that takes place...I am much more  mindful of everything...Life is an amazing gift that many of us take for granted...I spent so many years trying to fit into the box others told me I should that I lost myself...it was only through the trials, hurts and battles that I have been able to find me and appreciate who I really am....freeing!

Our society has taught us we live to work, get ahead, have stuff...but in my dads dying I saw him work to live...make it that day...have breath...it changed me...there are times I still get caught up in the grind of day to day living...but when I find that happening I pause...I take a deep breath, look around the homestead and practice gratitude...I begin listing in my mind all the things here I am grateful for...the trees, the grass, the pigs, our bees, our home, our garden...our health...I no longer rise each day with a list of "to do's"....I rise with "thank yous" ....I try not to sweat the small stuff...All in life is temporary...trials, struggles, possessions, suffering... even life....all temporary...When we can truly grasp that we can begin to live with a deeper appreciation of so much more...We can begin to use our trials, suffering and struggles to grow ourselves and find the deeper meaning of life...

Life on the homestead is amazing...its purpose has changed...it no longer is a way to survive some catastrophy....or long term issue....Rocky Oak has served to help me find me...We set out to build Rocky Oak...but Rocky Oak built us!

The Homestead Lady

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  1. HL,

    God blessed you with Rocky Oak for a reason, just like he blessed us with our place. Living out in the country is so much more beneficial for one's health and well being. I wouldn't change it for the world. I was thinking about you with this weather that's been going through and praying y'all would be okay. Our telephone service hasn't been the greatest out here, and we recently picked up the cell booster to help with our cell phones. I do promise, I will call you. Please be safe, more bad weather in OK.