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Monday, December 4, 2017

Got my "homestead groove" on again!

So, life has again changed here at Rocky Oak as does it for everyone out there from time to time. Dreams change, goals change and with that life changes...Even back to the name Rocky Oak Homestead here on my blog!

I have posted about my last daughter leaving the nest and starting  her own life, she is enjoying her newly found freedom and Farm man and  I are expecting our 4th grandchild in April. I love my empty nest and I'm not suffering any "syndrome" from my children moving out...LOL.... but I do find I get bored. I don't drive much due to the neuromuscular things I have going on so I am home most days. While that's fine because I am such an introvert and require lots of alone time to recharge and just be I do find myself needing something to do.. Since 2000 farm man and I have "homesteaded" we have consistantly had critters to look after...as you all know that changed a couple of years ago with my illness taking a turn for worst and my dad passing away...then losing my best friend of 21 years to cancer...been a rough road to say the least!

My days are very uneventful and while I like that because I am not a 'drama' kinda gal I missed having something to occupy my time....so...over the weekend we purchased 3 goats!  A doe and her 2 doelings....

I am not sure of breed, and it doesn't matter to me, I am not able to milk any more nor do I have the desire to,..I just needed something to do...I have enjoyed just spending time out petting them and it gives me a sense of joy knowing they are out there...They are still warming up to me...I find they like me much more if I take them a treat of carrots or raisins *Smile*...

I am going to begin making soap again and finding my groove...Life has been really tough the past couple of years and I have fallen victim to depression I think...I feel it lifting and its time to find my new normal.

Homesteading is just part of who we are, we won't ever be as big as we once were as we both are not in the health to handle that much again...I think goats are good...I still have my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as well and they bring me much joy....We will still garden and enjoy life at a slower pace...I am learning the art of mindfulness and it is awesome!

I am looking forward to once again blogging about "homesteading" albeit smaller than before...stay turned as I get my "homestead groove on again" đŸ˜€

If anyone has any ideas of what breed these may be, please share! Meet Fayth(doe) Hope(little one that looks most like mom) and Charitee(Little brown one)...I'm thinking nubian/something(s)?

Be Mindful~ Kris aka "The homestead Lady"