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Monday, December 10, 2018

Changes & Life

I have never been a person that liked the winter...it's to cold and dreary and it always reminded me of death...everything alive dies in the winter...this year I have adjusted my thinking and I am finding the winter to be a bit refreshing...the cold air is refreshing from the stifling heat here in the south...and life must rest and renew....the fall and winter are a time of rest for much of nature...in the spring new life will begin...I am working on my mindfulness and learning to find the beauty and purpose of each season..it's not as hard as it once was...after all, it's just a season, not a permanent thing...When we spend our time fretting of over things we can't change, like the weather seasons, we waste a lot of time...time we cannot get back...change is part of life...resisting that change is what brings us misery...it's easier to accept that change is inevitable and even if you don't like it, agree with or support it, it's going to happen...you either go with it and the make the best of it...or fight it and be miserable...I choose to just go with it...which brings me to my changes...

In my last post I blogged about our tiny house endeavor...that has been put on hold...we have another opportunity that we are looking into...one that will work better for our situation...While I was excited at the tiny house option, I was also open to the the change this other opportunity brought....In years past I would have been upset and disappointed, but things happen for a reason and forcing an issue that isn't meant to be will only set us up for failure...I guess it called "faith" to many....We just trust that "God" and the universe has our back and will bring us whatever is right for us...our job is to listen and embrace it...I'm excited to see where this journey takes us in the next couple of months....

In homestead news we lost 5 chickens to what we think was a opossum a couple weeks ago...I was able to replace them with hens already laying so it worked out great...We are getting more eggs than hubby and I can eat...we share with neighbors and family...It's awesome to be generous...The goats are doing good...i'm sure we will have "kids" closer to spring...I am very much looking forward to that...But for now most my time is spent indoors staying warm...On warmer days I meander outside and stand at the fence watching my chickens peck and being grateful for the life I have been given...While at times its difficult and brings great sorrow...there is more times that are good and joyful....I am so thankful for all I have and look forward to sharing my journey of life with you all...

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