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A quiet, peaceful sanctuary from the chaos of everyday living in a world on the brink of insanity! A place where we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Just checking in

It’s a cold and crisp morning here on the homestead...a hint of smoke fills the air as I open the door to let the dog out....I hear the fire crackling in the stove and see the glow or orange through the glass...I smile...it’s peaceful...joy fills my heart. There’s just something about a crackling fire that warms the soul.

While I don’t like winter and cold I am grateful this year that my family is alive and doing ok...my grandson was not expected to make it is now 6 months old. Challenges lie ahead but we are grateful for today!

It’s been another hard year and my family didn’t gather for holidays this year, due to covid and some of us have health issues that put us at higher risk. While I missed the tradition of cooking and gathering I would miss my loved ones more if one got sick and didn’t make it...I respect differing opinions so please respect mine on this topic. *smile* We are grateful for FaceTime, this gives us a small way to stay connected and see one another. 

Our greenhouse thus far is doing well and we continue to do what we can to prepare ourselves for whatever might come our way in the future. I predict things will only get worse on many fronts and I hope people prepare the best they are able.

Our kids should be over here by Christmas. It’s been a long journey getting them moved over here. The electric has been the biggest issue, according to them they are months and months behind. Hard to believe in the tiny area in which we reside. But what can ya do🤷‍♀️...wait, that’s all ya can do.

As I close this I want to say...be watchful, be vigilant and pay attention...things are going to get worse. Listen and read between the lines. Prepare what you can, think ahead...

Until next time...


Thursday, November 4, 2021


We have been working a lot lately. Still working on getting the well, electric and septic hooked up for the kids to move over here. We are making progress albeit slow. We all have to keep in mind you can’t rush these things...these things take time and with the rainy weather we have had it puts us even further behind...sigh...

The greenhouse/hoophouse is doing amazing thus far...we are hopeful it continues to do so. It’s a nice feeling growing your own food. We are living in a world I never thought I’d see and I expect things to get worse...I’ve struggled with anxiety a lot lately...I think projects help keep me focused and grounded. I hope all of you are doing well & staying safe! I’ll post more later...for now I leave you with a video of our greenhouse.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What are we becoming?

When I read the story of the woman raped on a subway as the passengers recorded the incident I was sickened...I really have no words to adequately describe the feeling that overwhelmed me. 

What has happened to us as human beings? Have we become so self absorbed that another’s suffering is oblivious on us? Have we just decided women are objects to be used and tossed aside? Have we truly lost the ability to feel compassion for our fellow human being? 

We pride ourselves in how intelligent we are as a species yet our behavior says to the contrary! We cannot call ourselves intelligent and continue to abuse, bully and lack compassion for people suffering. 

Bullying is out of control amongst children and adults in this country. We see it in our schools and on social media. Children bully others at school and we must ask where did they learn such disgusting behavior...a quick look at the parents social media will quickly yield the answer....parents post memes making fun of others, our leaders make fun of others so I guess in some minds that makes it acceptable!

We seeing bullying from our pulpits in churches to our presidential platform...it’s not just in a certain partisan group, it’s across the board. We see people stating opinions on Facebook and then bullying those that disagree...we see social media gaslighting....posters post something just to bait an argument so they can feel superior.....we see adult parents bullying and assaulting their child’s teachers over wearing a mask, restaurant workers being abused and assaulted for doing their job...and then we ask why this woman was raped in public...

We need to ALL sit down and re-examine what we are teaching the younger generation...we ALL need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the hard questions...are YOU part of the problem! Am I? If we admit it, if we truly are part of the issue we must change it within ourselves....I see this trend of  using the excuse I’m trying to wake people up so that’s  why I say the things I say...NO! You are a bully that can’t accept people have a different outlook on the situation. People lie to stir the pot. Or tell half truths.

We all have the right to our own opinions, viewpoints and way of living our life...as long as it’s within the scope of the law why do you care?  Let it be!

When we see a woman being assaulted, violated, and humiliated and you record it...YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

Multiple people were there, they easily could’ve taken the assailant down and helped the woman long before the actual rape while he was harassing her!

Have we become so robotic, so unfeeling that we live our lives just waiting with phone in hand to see what brutality we can capture and share on social media? For what...likes? To pander to our egos? To somehow give a thrill or a rush? What if that was your sister, mom, aunt, grandma? Would you want that all over hell and half acre for strangers to see and watch? 

What the hell has happened to us? It’s scary to think we have become so indifferent to each other that ruining someone’s reputation or life is ok because it’s just social media. We need to remember behind that phone screen is a real human being. When those people recorded that rape did they forget that woman was a human being? When you bully online do you forget the person you are bullying is a real person?

We are living in a world I really thought I’d never see..it’s terrifying honestly...I literally ask myself daily...what are we becoming as a society.

What.are.we.becoming? Sigh...

Until next time...

Thursday, October 14, 2021


During my time on Facebook farm man along with the help of our neighbor and friend built a hoop house. It is 7 ft by 24. We have been working on getting cool/cold weather crops planted. We are anxious to see what we can grow in our climate. So far we have lettuce, radishes, parisienne carrots, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower...I’m waiting on a seed order to plant spinach. We feel with the direction things are going that this just made sense. Below is a video of what we’ve done. Sorry, it’s long...lol

Monday, October 11, 2021

Short lived

Ok, so I was very excited about moving my blog to Facebook...it was short lived! I will be moving back over here. The censoring on Facebook is absolutely insane. When one can’t post an uplifting quote without it being against community standards that’s enough for me. It’s time to wake up! The things going on in our country and world are not ok! The control is becoming crazy! Time to wake up!!

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Thinking out loud

It’s a cool start to the day...I can definitely feel fall in the air. I sit here, coffee in hand, in the quiet and wonder what comes next in our world. The past 19/20 months has brought about many challenges for us all. Challenges on many fronts, not just political. The challenges have brought out the best and worst and people. I worry about what our future holds....what will really happen to us all. I sometimes feel all the divide and arguing is taking away from the bigger picture of what really going on...Honestly, I know it is...life is seemingly going on for most people...some however are watching, listening, pondering...trying to make sense of it all...some are staying home, not out of fear but just laying low and paying attention...being mindful of what sources they garner their information...not getting sucked in by this side or that side just simply reading and watching...some have tried to tell others to be watchful without much luck...most simply aren’t ready to hear it...some know it, but seem to be in a huge state of denial or normalcy bias....not much one can do to talk to those types...some just keep to themselves doing what they need to do to stay safe...whatever side of the divide your on...just be ready...prepare now...don’t think you can depend on others in the crisis...now is the time to ready your family....I won’t get into what I think is coming...maybe I will at some point...suffice to say you just need to prepare!

Until next time...

The homestead lady

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Back to the basics

I sit outside most every morning after the chores are done and enjoy my coffee....and think....I think about the state of our country and our world a lot....I think about how we are so connected to our phones, iPads, computers etc...I’m not so different...I blog from my phone!....I’ve pondered lately what would happen if we all suddenly lost our technology....maybe through a grid down situation, or internet crash...any manner of things that could take away our “life line”....I sit out side this morning in the quiet and just looked around...I mean really looked around...paying attention to the sounds, the colors, the smells, the feeling of the sun on my skin, the blue sky....I made it a point to do this....I left my phone in the house this morning....I wanted NO distractions...it was nice....I realized all the things we miss every single day because we are so tied to technology...I was really eye opening to me...people would go crazy in a short period of time these days if we lost phone service, internet, power...I’ve felt that way before when our phone service went down...it really is a good idea to have backup communication for at least your family...I think it’s really time to wean ourselves from our dependence on so much technology...I believe it’s going to be our undoing...lay your phones, iPads, computers aside...go outside....listen...breathe...relax....learn to do this regularly...unplug...things aren’t going to get better anytime soon...learn to be ok without your phone 24/7...figure out a way to communicate with your family if you have no cell phone...let’s get back to the basics...our lives may depend on it! Took this video this morning after my quiet time....total silence except for sounds of nature...I loved it!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Things are changing

Mornings are getting a bit cooler and the days getting shorter here on the homestead. Preparations for fall are underway. Barns/sheds will be winterized, hay purchased, extra feed put up. Heat lights tested, replaced and ready to go in anticipation of a long, hard cold winter here. 

We too make sure we have things we need so we need not venture out in the ice/snow, cold & covid...lol. 

The leaves have begun their descent to the ground, lightly dancing in the gentle breeze as they fall...their season has come to an end of providing shade for us, and will now act as a ground cover to help keep delicate plants warm during the cold winter months...

We will soon be chased inside, tucked away quietly enjoying the slumber and slowness that winter seems to bring to the homestead. We will enjoy the winter scents of apple and pumpkin as I bake to bring a bit of comfort in those cold winter days. 

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Monday, August 23, 2021

Snapshot of our life

Snapped these while out on my morning walk. Snapshot of our life.


Summer is quickly coming to close here. The signs are showing everywhere. The orb weavers(garden spiders) are out in full force as are other kinds of spiders. The leaves gently dance to the ground in the morning breeze. I look around and see the slight changes taking place...the underbrush that once was lush and green has been weathered and is tired....the grass has begun to lose its vibrancy as well. The garden is all but done producing...The birds, while they can still be heard have been replaced by singing of the late summer cicadas...these are all signs it’s time for us to began our winter preparations for ourselves and the critters. 

There’s always sadness for me this time of year...I much prefer the spring...that time of newness and renewal...fall reminds me of death I guess...this has been a particularly hard year for us on many fronts...spring and summer for us seemed almost non existent with all we had going on...I think I somehow feel cheated.🙂

 It won’t be long until the autumn chill will chase us inside and life will become slower paced in some ways...I tell myself seasons are needed for mother nature to continue to do her job...things cycle and those cycles are needed...I think that makes it a bit easier to deal with...lol...for now I will continue to sit outside and enjoy my coffee while the weather is nice and be grateful for it....when the autumn and winter temps chase us indoors I’ll find myself baking and cooking comfort foods in order to get through the cold days....

I really am thankful for the fact we can be home during these uncertain times. We are all facing so much uncertainty it’s becoming difficult to find the good some days it seems...during those times we need to unplug and take a walk in nature if you can or meditate...read, pray whatever it is you do to find peace...these things shall pass. I need to remind myself there’s much to be grateful for even in turbulent times. 

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Proceed accordingly

As you probably have figured out by now, I think a lot...I am constantly in a state of thought it seems. Since late December 2019 when I first heard about covid my radar has been on overdrive. I watch, I listen, I think....like everyone else I have my opinions but don’t freely share...I get upset if I read certain in things, there’s much about people I just simply don’t understand...I always look at both sides of a coin, read/listen to all sides of an argument and draw my own conclusions...sometimes I agree with one side or the other and sometimes I agree with none...I read something this morning that just absolutely floored me...I couldn’t believe I was actually reading it...so of course that got my mind to going...there’s so many sides to this whole covid-19 thing...mask/no mask, vaccine/no vaccine, dems/repubs...it’s just crazy...so my thinking was...what if we all just quit arguing and realized that this is exactly how things are suppost be at this time...what if we just accepted this is the world we live in right now and we all just decided to do what needed done to help each other...what if instead of arguing with one another we put our differences aside and worked to find common ground...if we would all work as hard at finding common ground as we do finding our differences things could be far different...I believe in all situations there’s a lot of gray area...nothing is black and white...this virus is no different...there’s a lot of gray area! A LOT! Maybe we were all put here, in this time, in this place for a purpose...what is your purpose? To bring unity or cause division? You can bring unity but still hold different beliefs! We are all going through this for a reason...many lessons to be learned...this really is just a season...at some point it will end...at the end how do you want to be remembered? A safe place? A place of divide? Causing division or working towards unity? You hold the all the cards. What you believe doesn’t really matter because the truth is there is a power much higher than any of us that has total control! Let that power do what needs done! That power(God) has the ultimate say! I choose to believe that we are meant to be a light in the darkness...light brings happiness, unity, healing, words of kindness...darkness brings the opposite ...division, hate, sickness, meanness...we are to be salt and LIGHT!...next time someone disagrees with you, bless them...smile and say I’ll truly consider your point of view. Wish them health and happiness and be on your way. No need to argue. It serves no good purpose. You will never change a mind that is closed, I spent so much time trying...in the end it was truly time and energy wasted. Speaking my mind once was enough...if someone doesn’t understand the first time, they won’t understand the second or third. They won’t understand until they choose to do so. But the best part is, you can still love them, be kind to them and get along. We have to understand we all have the right to an opinion...but opinion doesn’t equal facts...opinion is just merely a collection of ideas and a strong personal belief about something. That’s it! It’s not fact! The next time you want to engage someone in a debate ask what your goal is? What is your end game? Then, proceed accordingly!

Above all else, prepare...prepare your heart, your mind and your home!

Until next time...

Love & Light

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

True dat!

Very true!😁 Our lives really didn’t change much at all!

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Old worn out chair

I sit here outside in my old worn out patio chair that has been a constant in my life for years that I’ve sat in so many times pondering over any given situation, coffee sitting on my outdoor side table listening to the roosters crow, the goats bleat in the distance and an occasional mooo from the calves I feel a sense of gratitude...things here are not perfect, we are not immune to the bad things of life...in fact we experience things all the time we’d rather not! Being at peace doesn’t mean all is well, it means you are at peace in your soul in the midst of the trials. In each trial we encounter, I believe there are lessons to be learned. We all have a choice in how we look at any situation, good or bad. If we can just learn to except all experiences for what they are and not try to find reasons for them, or place blame for them we are much more likely to learn the lessons intended. In learning the lessons we grow as a person. My lessons in recent months have been many! I’ve learned what I want in my life and what I don’t, if it disturbs my peace it needs gone. If I feel like saying something that could have consequences maybe not intended I ask myself what is my goal in saying it. Before I add to the menagerie here on the homestead, again I ask what is my goal.

Will it help or hinder? Will it build up or tear down? Will it bless or curse? Will it show love and acceptance or hate and division? Is the beneficial for the greater good in our life.

During this pandemic my hermit tendencies have really come to the forefront. Some will never understand that I have chosen to be home and it’s not from fear...no, it’s because I have chosen to take this time and just be still, to find me again...to reignite my spark that had gotten so dim over the past few years...to reconnect with what’s important to me...I truly enjoy being home, with no outside distractions. I enjoy tending to my home and critters it gives me a sense of purpose and meaning. 

If you are in a place be it online or in real life that takes your peace, your sense of identity, skews your vision, makes you feel ‘less than’, is non accepting, and just overall makes you feel icky...LEAVE! Same with relationships....That’s not what the creator intended for our lives. I have had to leave online situations that were very toxic, I stayed far to long in most of those situations...lesson learned. 

So, as I sit here in my old worn out chair, looking at the clouds so gently floating by, I hear my critters being happy my heart is once again finding it’s peace. Take sometime to be still today, maybe find your own worn out chair, sit, find the good, be grateful & learn the lessons meant for you! 

  Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Monday, August 16, 2021

Be wise

Since the beginning of the pandemic there’s been so much negativity associated with it. It has been turned into a political issue rather than one of health. I am not a political person so I will not even share my opinion here as it really not going to change a thing other than possibly alienate what few readers I have...so I’ll just keep my opinion to myself...wink

I will say that during most of this last 18 months we have remained home with a few trips that were work related. While we are tired of all the “drama” that has surrounded this virus we have pretty much just kept to ourselves.

We have tried to remain positive and look for the blessings in amongst the upheaval and chaos. We have 2 choices...look at the good or the bad...we choose to see the good...the positive opportunity in this pandemic...we have been home more so more projects have gotten done...we have spent more time together....our oldest daughter and her family have decided to move here, on our land to be better prepared for the future.

Early on we made a decision that this was possibly a time for some of us to reconnect to our creator. A time to just be still, prepare our hearts, minds and home for what lies ahead.

We have felt it best to use our time, energy and money to do what needs done rather than wasting time, energy and resources on things that will not be of any great benefit in the long term. Like involving ourselves in debates!

Years ago preppers talked of such a time as this...a global pandemic. There were warnings given...many didn’t heed the warnings...when the pandemic hit people had to rush to the supermarkets to buy basic necessities such as toilet paper...for those that listened, we were prepared years ahead...we are not the hoarders you saw on TV...no, most of us were sitting in our recliners watching the chaos while we had plenty of TP that we stocked up on years ago...jus’ sayin’

My hope is that lessons have been learned and taken to heart...prepare...use your time wisely...rather than arguing on Facebook or pushing your agenda, take that time, use it wisely and research preparedness, then put that research into action. Things are not going to get better from here...I think things will get worse and worse. Unfortunately arguing politics or this side or that is not beneficial to anyone...it further divides...spend your time wisely...prepare yourself and your family...plan ahead...take time to be quiet daily...reflect...calm your heart and mind...get your house in order...be a wise steward of your resources. The next big thing could be much worse than this pandemic.

Watch and pay attention. 

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Sunday, August 15, 2021


While farm life is certainly not easy there’s just something so rewarding about watching & feeding babies. I look forward each morning to getting up and feeding these little critters, feeding chickens and gathering eggs....then I meander to the goats and give them a quick head scratch and pet...I dump their feed as they bleat telling me thank you... Can’t help but take a few pictures in the process. 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Orginally Posted 10/26/2012

I orginally wrote this on October of 2012. Interesting to read it now. I very much feel covid-19 is not done with us and the worst is yet to be seen. Please prepare if you haven't already.

Back to our future...sounds similar to the 80's movie, Back to THE future...This has been on my mind a lot lately, maybe do to the economy or the election and maybe because I think to much...LOL....I am a thinker...whatever the reason it has really weighed on my mind that our ancestors can teach us what I think may well be our future...If you have ever sit for very long at all and pondered what would happen if our economy actually failed, or we were hit with a global pandemic or ______(you fill in the blank) We could actually be plunged back in the early days...There is no way to know that if in any of our lifetimes that would actually happen, it is all mere speculation, but farm man and I do feel it wise to invest our time and energy into learning the skills of days of old...Even if nothing globally catastrophic ever happens in our life time, there are the daily ups and down's of life that many of us have experienced...I know in our own personal life when we moved here and things took a downward turn we were so glad to have the knowledge we had, many would not have been able to stick with it and make it through...So many today rely on the modern gadgets and conveniences that today's world offers they cannot fathom not having a phone, computer, television, anything electric... many homes across America are total electric and most people just think that it will always be there...We are not that naive...we were over night thrust into a way of living had not been seen or touched by most in 60+ years...

We feel there was a reason...was it to show us a glimpse of our past? Maybe a glimpse into our future? Whatever the reason it was hard, but blessed...I am ever so grateful to have had that experience...One thing I loved was the simpleness of it all...there seemed to be more hours in the day, the reality of course is that days were not longer, we just did not have all the distractions that we have in 'modern' lives. There was no television to sit and watch, or computer to sit in front of for hours, we spent our time enjoying what God had given us...nature, time, each other, gardening, hiking and learning new skills.  It was during this time that the words God had spoken to us so long ago "Be prepared, the time is nigh" came to life and began to take shape in our minds and lives....we came to understand what we were to do...its been an amazing journey thus far...hard, but amazing...Farm man and I are forever grateful for the journey, in spite of the many tears, wondering why us, and sometimes thinking we could not go on...We have learned that with Gods amazing strength we can do all things, through prayer we find a friend that never fails, through trials we grow, and through faith we have peace and when we fall short he gives us undying grace...Our life looks different to many out there, and there are some on the other side of the fence that will never understand how things like this can change you...and that's ok...someday we may all be faced with the challenges farm man and I have already experienced...it will make you bitter, or it will make you better...I have become a little bitter and a lot better...Through this amazing journey we had each other to live, love and laugh with and our Lord to lead, guide and sustain us...I can honestly say if and when things go awry we will be ok...We are grateful to have been able to go back and continue to live what might be future.

Thursday, August 12, 2021


Simplicity is wonderful! Just enjoying all life has to offer without the complications and worries is such a blessing! These critters just enjoy being alive, eating, sleeping and a bit of human interaction! All the rest is just unimportant! Lesson learned!

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

My heart is full!

We all have a way of life that just suits who we are at our core. Sometimes we are detoured off the path to experience other things that grow us and help us find who we really are. That’s what I think happened with us. We went through so much trauma that we took a detour...we learned so much so it wasn’t a bad thing but we have come full circle back to who we are...I’m so glad to be back, living our simple farm life! My heart is full!

The calves 

Until next time...
The homestead Lady

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

We’re growing fast!

After my best friend passed away 4 years ago, my heart was not much into to homesteading. I kinda lost my “umpff.  I still gardened and canned but all the critters were rehomed. I was tired and nothing felt right anymore. 
Over the past months I’ve began to feel the pull towards farming again. I miss it. I miss the critters talking to us, I miss the antics the simpleness of it all.
We added chickens several months ago and then the goats a week ago...now calves are being added! I’m so excited. With the kids moving out here it will be wonderful to know we are somewhat food independent...farm man and I are in a better place to do all this now. He’s semi-retired from his job...he still works when a call comes in but he’s mainly home with me since covid. I still raise my puppies and he helps with that. 
We are doing some remodeling on the house these days. Covid has given us the opportunity to be home far more which gives us the time to do projects that have been put off for so long due to time constraints. 
I’ll post about the projects in the future. 

Until next time..
The homestead lady

Love reading this

Back to the land movement

It’s finally happening

Son in law working on their 
plot of ROH.
For years now I’ve felt the need to have my kids here on the homestead. When covid hit the urge became stronger. I didn’t really say much to my kids as they are adults with lives of their own. But interestingly in the early days of covid my oldest made the announcement she was ready to leave the city and move out here on the homestead. I was elated! They should be out here within the next few weeks. Being younger, my son in law will be a great asset. He’s very back to the land minded and would love to be self sufficient. They are also somewhat prepper minded but still have a ways to go.🙂 I’d still like my youngest to move out here and with time I believe she will. She knows her and her family are welcome to move here at anytime. I’m very excited about this new chapter for us all. I feel it’s important in times of uncertainty to be together with your tribe! This is our sanctuary, our safe haven...our compound.🙂 More as things develope!

Stay positive, test negative
Until next time...

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Meet the kids!

They are Nigerian dwarf. I am so excited to have goats again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021


I’m back!

The homestead is peaceful this morning as I sit under my favorite tree enjoying the quiet. It almost feels as if I am the only one on earth. It’s a feeling of awe but also a bit of weirdness if you will. It feels like a different world out here away from the towns and cities with all the business. I sit and ponder all that is going on within our world and it’s mind boggling. I feel saddened by what is happening. I also feel a bit confused by it all. Farm man and I work from home most of the time, on occasion he has to go out to do a job, he’s outside so a bit safer than being inside a facility with lots of people. 

Years ago on this very blog I blogged many times about a pandemic and preparedness, most of those post have been hidden now. I was thinking the other day that back then I think some of us knew this could always happen but perhaps not really in our lifetime....here we are...I will not get into the political spectrum of it all but will simply say...stay safe & be prepared! It’s not to late to prepare your family with food and supplies. Anything is better than nothing! 

I’m glad to be back here, I’ve honestly missed it! Life took a detour for us for awhile but we are now back! There are lots of new post I’ve added from my other blog I had for awhile! If you have time to catch up, please do!

Comment too😊I’ve missed you all! 

Stay positive, test negative!

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Love this man!


Inside my heaven

Most will never understand the peace I have here. It’s something I can’t really put into words. When we first visited this land in 2008 I knew it was special, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace on this slice of earth. I’ve never lost that feeling. It’s almost a feeling of  sacredness. I walked down from the house to visit my precious little goats and was overcome with emotion...the emotion of pure joy. I love this life, my life, the farm life...it’s a way of life many have no clue about anymore. I felt the pull to leave facebook just for my own sanity. There was/is so much negativity, political turmoil and hate that I was losing sight of what's important....peace, peace is important no matter whats going on around you!  Will I ever return to facebook? I don't know. My life is full at this time. I need to focus on our goals here at this homestead. Things aren't going to get any easier...I need, we need to keep our focus and maintain our peace during these turbulent times. 
This kind of lifestyle has been lost to concrete and corporations. Money has become more important than peace and happiness. It's really a tragedy.
As I walked I took a few pictures. Here they are.

Monday, August 2, 2021

The goats

 They are settling in well. I love visiting them and taking them snacks. Today they got cucumbers from the garden. The brown one just wasn’t quite sure about them...lol


Sunday, August 1, 2021

They’re heeerrreee!

 I cannot put into words how happy I am! I have missed my goats so much! These are super friendly like dogs! It’s possible the lightest colored female is bred but not 100% sure. My heart is so very happy!

On losing yourself

Today is the day I’m hoping to begin the journey back to reclaiming me.

After spending most of my life in church and being indoctrinated I was totally lost when we left. I had no clue what was right, wrong, up or down. Every friend we had was there. We lost so much. Then I lost my dad and my best friend, then my stepdad...and even a few friends I had outside my church bubble....Somewhere a long the way, I lost me. It was truly my biggest loss!

After my friend passed I was emotionally spent...I had dealt with so much loss in a short time I remember saying I hadn’t been able to deal with one loss before I had another...I made decisions that I might not have other wise made. I was exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally and because of that I made decisions that I might not have made under different circumstances and that was to sell off all my livestock. I was just to tired to care for them and lost interest...depression maybe...

It’s taken me years to really get where I am today...I’ve had to totally relook at my church upbringing and realize I was taught some pretty bizarre things so that’s been interesting but also one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through in my life. But, I’ve learned so, so much about myself and lies we believe!

I’ll never get over grieving my family and friends...ever! But I have learned to put it all in perspective and realize it’s ok to continue to live life however I choose. Losing people is hard, so very hard, but it’s also a pathway to looking deep inside yourself and coming to terms with life and loss.

The most devastating loss we can ever endure is the loss of who we are. I’ve tried to find where I belong since leaving church in 2013...I’ve looked for my self in groups online, in my work, in my reading but was still lost and angry...why? Because I was always right here...right here on my land...I simply lost contact and connection...this is where I belong. This is who I am. I love nature, I love gardening, I love critters, I love sitting outside barefoot with my feet in the grass reconnecting with the earth from whence we came! I love herbs.l, I love the old ways, I love Mother Earth and all she gives us!

I no longer subscribed to much of how I was raised. I have found my own spiritual path that I’m happy with. It’s taken years of soul searching but was worth every ounce of energy I spent on figuring it all out. 

I feel all my loved ones that have passed are still here, around me daily. I see them daily in the birds, the butterflies, the breeze. They aren’t gone, they changed form😊

We can somewhat prepare ourselves for losing a loved one. We seem to know deep down that our loved ones will leave us someday. When they are gone, they are gone. We realize they can’t come back. 

You can’t prepare for losing yourself....you never see it coming...it comes slowly and subtly...you wake up one day and realize “you” are gone...and ask where did I go? It so hard because you are still here in physical form but yet you seem to be a shell of your former self. Years of hurt, abuse, lies, loss and pain slowly chip away at who you truly are and are meant to be...it takes years of work in yourself to find you again. One thing I’ve learned is no matter what be true to you! Don’t let someone, anyone tell you how to believe, live or who you should be! You be you! Be true to who you are! You only get one shot to be happy and fulfilled...there are no do-overs....don’t waste precious time trying to live up to other’s expectations or beliefs! It’s simply not worth it.

Love who you are even if others don’t...there will always be someone trying to convince you that you should be different. No! You need to be who the creator created you to be. There is no “right” way to be. Love yourself no matter your age, size, hair color or wrinkles! Love you! All of you! 

I’ll be posting pictures later if my latest adventure! Stay tuned!

Until next time...

Love & Light

Friday, July 30, 2021

Something new!

 Something new coming coming Sunday!🥰

Thursday, July 29, 2021


 These arrived this morning! It’s been so long since I’ve had chicks...I’m so excited. I miss all the homestead stuff we used to do, I’m hopeful to get back to it over these next few months. Lord knows with the way things are the more self sufficient we can be the better!

The decision has been made

So today I decided to leave my personal Facebook page for good! I’ve been mulling it over for awhile but finally I reached the tipping point. There’s a time  you come to realize that no matter how much you respect or like someone, no matter how much you try and ignore the negativity, no matter how kind you are, people will still be mean. 
Being insinuated you are stupid because you live life differently, choose differently and have a different opinion is flat out wrong! Just because something doesn’t line up with your way of thinking doesn’t mean the opposing person is “stupid”. 
For awhile now I’ve felt like I was in middle/high school with a group of immature bullies that didn’t have “words” to express themselves but rather wrote on the bathroom wall or in the case of Facebook posted negative memes! Posting memes calling people stupid is...well stupid! The definition of stupid is the “lack of ability to understand” seems we have that a lot on Facebook! Or possibly it’s that people simply choose not to understand another’s perspective on Facebook because they can say nasty things with no consequence! 
I can almost 100% assure you very few people would call another person stupid if they were having a conversation face or face. There are the handful of verbal abusers that would of course. 
Facebook has made the mental and emotional abuse of others common place. It’s extremely sad and concerning that human beings hide behind technology to abuse another human being. It’s almost like they forget there really is a real, living, breathing human on the other side of that screen. The abuser can say all the mean things they want, then simply shut it off and move on while the person on the other end is literally broken! To add fuel to the fire the one broken gets told their(the keyboard warrior) just an ass move on, don’t let it get to you, they are like that to everyone! Can we not see the harm in that as well! When did we quit having compassion for a hurting person?  
Then we have the passive/aggressive people that after you tell them you don’t like something people do, they begin doing it all the time! 
Facebook is literally breeding a society of  abusers that honestly see nothing wrong with their behavior! Children are growing up seeing this warped behavior and bullying and thinking this is how we as a supposed civilized society behave! That’s terrifying! 
With all that said, I’m done there! That behavior will not be tolerated on my blog. I liken my blog to my home, my personal space and as such if you can’t be nice and respectful...don’t visit! If you disagree with something I say fine! Do it respectfully or quietly find the door. I honestly do hope you enjoy your visit here. Please comment as time allows, it’s always nice knowing people are visiting!
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Private people

 It’s another beautiful day here, a bit cooler in temps than I like but that’s ok...I have things I can do inside. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about privacy and private people..private people are so misunderstood. They are often thought of as they have something to hide, they are anti social, maybe mentally ill...most outgoing people just can’t grasp that private people are just that...private! We simply enjoy our own company, we don’t think it necessary to share every aspect our our life with just everyone. Often times however private people have withdrawn due to bad experiences with others. Maybe they were bullied, or as a child they never felt heard so they just figure why speak or share...most are introverts that struggle with to much stimulation around them. They are often misjudged as being stuck up or not friendly. That is rarely the case. Most private introverted people have a lot to say. Most are intelligent and well studied. Why? Well, because we spend a great deal of time in our heads and reading anything we can find on any subject that sparks our interest. Private people find peace in their privacy. They enjoy just existing in peace and quiet and as little drama as possible. When drama does arise for them it’s absolutely horrific...they struggle immensely with getting settled again. Their privacy is their sanctuary. When someone pushes them to share aspects their life it is very off putting. I was told not long ago it was hard to be my friend because I was “closed off”. That really stung and I can’t get those words off my mind. The truth is I am a very loyal friend. I keep what you tell me to myself. I value your privacy as I value mine. I don’t understand why people feel as though you have to share all details of your life to be a friend. When I have tried to open up and discuss what’s important to me I get ignored or glossed over. So that tells me that  person is not someone really wanting to be my friend but to pry and be nosey. I’m not good with  small talk....I like deep meaningful conversation...that’s hard to find in the world we live in...I prefer phone calls to text or private messenging and in our electronic world no one does that much anymore...that’s hard for me too ...I guess when I blog I can put it all out there and feel ok with it. I always ask the “powers that be” to send even one person that needs to read what I write to make them feel better and know they are not alone.  If you read this and can relate feel free to comment and let me know! It’s always nice knowing others get it.

Until Next Time...

Remember it’s ok to be you!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Unplug and find peace

This morning I got up extra early and started my day. It was quiet in the house as I started my coffee. My thoughts were positive and I smiled to myself as I smelled my coffee brewing. I am blessed! As the sun rose so did the dogs so I let them out and it smelled so nice outside, just does my heart good to see the green the grass, the blue sky, to hear the birds singing and my flowers in bloom and smell the earthy smell of springtime. I love my slow paced life and I think I appreciate more this year than I ever have. I had my coffee then ventured out to fill my bird feeders...when it warms a bit more I’ll go sit outside and just enjoy the sunshine. Being outside centers me, it is my home...I think even as a small child I had this odd connection to the outdoors like it’s where I belonged. Amongst the trees there is no judgement, in the woods there is no hate...in nature there is only what is....sitting on the earth there is healing.....it’s just peace...in tune with where you came from...the earth...we are connected...I sit outside barefoot with my feet on the ground, I feel the cool dampness and it awakens my soul with a feeling joy...It grounds me and for that time I am unplugged from all that worries me, all that hurts me, all that brings my heart sadness...I often wish I could stay outside forever in that place...but I can’t, so I enjoy the time I have and carry the peace with me throughout my day...when things bring negativity I often go outside to get away from it...take some time today to be still...to listen to what nature has to say...unplug, sit on the ground barefoot soaking up the sun...be grateful for all that you are and all that you have...and remember YOU are enough!

Until next time...


Thursday, March 25, 2021

You are enough!

 Hello blog land! Hope your world is going great and you are staying positive and testing negative(for covid) :)

It's been a long but good week here on the homestead. Anytime we learn something it's a good week!

Today I'm going to write about how we view ourselves and our lives. I had a couple of moments this week that really got me into my head and looking at my own shadows and seeing where I need to improve as a person but still remain true to who I am.


Late last week I commented in a group for homesteaders about gardening, canning, animal husbandry etc...just talking about what we do here. I never expected a response to my comment as in those groups there are so many people you tend to get lost in the shuffle. But, alas! 2 comments! Both were very positive but also made me think...the comment was "you are living my dream and I am so envious". While I don't condone envy at all, I think its one of the most destructive emotions there is it was a comment that taught me something...

I am a person that never feels good enough, you would think by my age I would have grown beyond that but I haven't, 'an area in my life that needs work, its a constant struggle. I grew up being told all the time I was not enough, I was not like my sister, or my cousin or whoever else they could think of at the time...The work I do is ripe with people not making you feel not good enough...Funny how I picked a line of work that makes me feel like my parents did...I digress....so when I saw this comment it stopped me in my tracks and I sat back and realized how ungrateful I am at times...I really do have a good life....I'm not wealthy, I don't have a fancy home, I don't have perfect kids, or anything that is perfect or even sought after by modern society today...so what do I have? I have a life that I love! A life farm man and I worked so hard to build...we have been through so much, yet here we are, living our dream....I have been lost in the all I don't have mentality I have forgotten to look around and see what I do have! I have so much more than most...It brought me to tears... I love my life...I am away from the hustle and bustle of town or city...My world is quiet, it is peaceful, it is serene...it is what we worked to create....I go into town and it exudes negative energy....all are so rushed and hurried...people are hateful and disrespectful....I rush to get back here....my safe place, my solitude, my absolutely beautiful life....It is slow paced, not hurried...it is quiet not filled with mind numbing noises...it is my heaven on earth....sadly, I had/have let all the 'noise' from others over ride my peace...all the negative comments we all hear daily on the tv, or radio...at work...with our friends and especially social media!....it gets in, it gets in our heads and hearts...we must not let it!

The truth is we will never be enough for some...some will never be able to accept who you are...they expect you to meet their expectations of who you should be...Yes! its hurtful to experience that or to hear comments that you are not what someone thinks you should be....the truth is, until someone walks the path and journey you have walked they have no right to judge where you are or how you are. Our creator created us each very unique...we are all unique because we all have a different purpose to fulfill in this life...my purpose is not yours and yours in not mine...I have my very own personal journey to walk, as do you...I am very private person, always have been...It doesn't make me defective in some way just because I don't share intimate details of my job or life with others...It's who I was created to be...I am a very reflective type person...I also feel things deeply..I tend to absorb other peoples energy, so what may not bother you will bother me for weeks at times until I process through the emotions. I have learned people will judge you no matter what...some will judge you in a positive way like the ladies that commented I was living the dream, they will never know how I really needed to hear/read that! It truly made my heart smile..but also snapped me out of dark place I was in...and then you have those that no matter how kind you are, how much you do or don't do it will never be enough, you will never be enough...But always remember who you are...you know why you are the way you are and if you are like me you are most likely working on it....You are under no obligation what so ever to meet the demands of someones expectations of you...unless of course you are are hurting someone else or breaking the law...I'm talking in terms of being WHO YOU ARE as a person...you are free to be an open book, you are free to be reserved, you are free to share whatever you are comfortable sharing with people and what they read into that is on them...I know for a fact people that do that have their own issues...Had a lady a few months ago accused me of not doing something in my job...she was adamant I did not do this thing...I actually laughed as I read her hateful remarks about me on a public forum...why did I laugh....because all she had to do was go check it out, the information was her fingertips...Sadly, though most people like being mean to others because they have serious self esteem issues...it gives them power...it would blow their power trip all to hell if they knew the truth...there have been judgemental people since the rise of mankind and there will be judgmental people until the demise of mankind...but you don't have to let them get you down...Never ever forget who you are....You are a beautiful soul put on this earth, at this time, in this pandemic to be a light....a beacon...someone that will rise above the shit thrown out there....people that are healers, light workers, different, don't fit the mold...we are ok! You are ok! It's ok to be you and its ok to be me....You may be a quiet, contemplative, reflective person or you may be outgoing and share it all or somewhere in between...BUT YOU MATTER and you were put here for a purpose...you have something to offer every person you meet...its up them if they take whatever you gave them and learn from it....you can't force it...Just be you, do you and the rest will fall into place...As you go about your day...remind yourself you are ok, you are worthy, you are needed, you are what the creator created, that is enough and you are so very loved!

Until next time....

Peace, Love and Light