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Monday, August 16, 2021

Be wise

Since the beginning of the pandemic there’s been so much negativity associated with it. It has been turned into a political issue rather than one of health. I am not a political person so I will not even share my opinion here as it really not going to change a thing other than possibly alienate what few readers I have...so I’ll just keep my opinion to myself...wink

I will say that during most of this last 18 months we have remained home with a few trips that were work related. While we are tired of all the “drama” that has surrounded this virus we have pretty much just kept to ourselves.

We have tried to remain positive and look for the blessings in amongst the upheaval and chaos. We have 2 choices...look at the good or the bad...we choose to see the good...the positive opportunity in this pandemic...we have been home more so more projects have gotten done...we have spent more time together....our oldest daughter and her family have decided to move here, on our land to be better prepared for the future.

Early on we made a decision that this was possibly a time for some of us to reconnect to our creator. A time to just be still, prepare our hearts, minds and home for what lies ahead.

We have felt it best to use our time, energy and money to do what needs done rather than wasting time, energy and resources on things that will not be of any great benefit in the long term. Like involving ourselves in debates!

Years ago preppers talked of such a time as this...a global pandemic. There were warnings given...many didn’t heed the warnings...when the pandemic hit people had to rush to the supermarkets to buy basic necessities such as toilet paper...for those that listened, we were prepared years ahead...we are not the hoarders you saw on TV...no, most of us were sitting in our recliners watching the chaos while we had plenty of TP that we stocked up on years ago...jus’ sayin’

My hope is that lessons have been learned and taken to heart...prepare...use your time wisely...rather than arguing on Facebook or pushing your agenda, take that time, use it wisely and research preparedness, then put that research into action. Things are not going to get better from here...I think things will get worse and worse. Unfortunately arguing politics or this side or that is not beneficial to anyone...it further divides...spend your time wisely...prepare yourself and your family...plan ahead...take time to be quiet daily...reflect...calm your heart and mind...get your house in order...be a wise steward of your resources. The next big thing could be much worse than this pandemic.

Watch and pay attention. 

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

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