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Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

A quiet, peaceful sanctuary from the chaos of everyday living in a world on the brink of insanity! A place where we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

I’m back!

The homestead is peaceful this morning as I sit under my favorite tree enjoying the quiet. It almost feels as if I am the only one on earth. It’s a feeling of awe but also a bit of weirdness if you will. It feels like a different world out here away from the towns and cities with all the business. I sit and ponder all that is going on within our world and it’s mind boggling. I feel saddened by what is happening. I also feel a bit confused by it all. Farm man and I work from home most of the time, on occasion he has to go out to do a job, he’s outside so a bit safer than being inside a facility with lots of people. 

Years ago on this very blog I blogged many times about a pandemic and preparedness, most of those post have been hidden now. I was thinking the other day that back then I think some of us knew this could always happen but perhaps not really in our lifetime....here we are...I will not get into the political spectrum of it all but will simply say...stay safe & be prepared! It’s not to late to prepare your family with food and supplies. Anything is better than nothing! 

I’m glad to be back here, I’ve honestly missed it! Life took a detour for us for awhile but we are now back! There are lots of new post I’ve added from my other blog I had for awhile! If you have time to catch up, please do!

Comment too😊I’ve missed you all! 

Stay positive, test negative!

Until next time...

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