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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Old worn out chair

I sit here outside in my old worn out patio chair that has been a constant in my life for years that I’ve sat in so many times pondering over any given situation, coffee sitting on my outdoor side table listening to the roosters crow, the goats bleat in the distance and an occasional mooo from the calves I feel a sense of gratitude...things here are not perfect, we are not immune to the bad things of life...in fact we experience things all the time we’d rather not! Being at peace doesn’t mean all is well, it means you are at peace in your soul in the midst of the trials. In each trial we encounter, I believe there are lessons to be learned. We all have a choice in how we look at any situation, good or bad. If we can just learn to except all experiences for what they are and not try to find reasons for them, or place blame for them we are much more likely to learn the lessons intended. In learning the lessons we grow as a person. My lessons in recent months have been many! I’ve learned what I want in my life and what I don’t, if it disturbs my peace it needs gone. If I feel like saying something that could have consequences maybe not intended I ask myself what is my goal in saying it. Before I add to the menagerie here on the homestead, again I ask what is my goal.

Will it help or hinder? Will it build up or tear down? Will it bless or curse? Will it show love and acceptance or hate and division? Is the beneficial for the greater good in our life.

During this pandemic my hermit tendencies have really come to the forefront. Some will never understand that I have chosen to be home and it’s not from fear...no, it’s because I have chosen to take this time and just be still, to find me again...to reignite my spark that had gotten so dim over the past few years...to reconnect with what’s important to me...I truly enjoy being home, with no outside distractions. I enjoy tending to my home and critters it gives me a sense of purpose and meaning. 

If you are in a place be it online or in real life that takes your peace, your sense of identity, skews your vision, makes you feel ‘less than’, is non accepting, and just overall makes you feel icky...LEAVE! Same with relationships....That’s not what the creator intended for our lives. I have had to leave online situations that were very toxic, I stayed far to long in most of those situations...lesson learned. 

So, as I sit here in my old worn out chair, looking at the clouds so gently floating by, I hear my critters being happy my heart is once again finding it’s peace. Take sometime to be still today, maybe find your own worn out chair, sit, find the good, be grateful & learn the lessons meant for you! 

  Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

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