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Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

We’re growing fast!

After my best friend passed away 4 years ago, my heart was not much into to homesteading. I kinda lost my “umpff.  I still gardened and canned but all the critters were rehomed. I was tired and nothing felt right anymore. 
Over the past months I’ve began to feel the pull towards farming again. I miss it. I miss the critters talking to us, I miss the antics the simpleness of it all.
We added chickens several months ago and then the goats a week ago...now calves are being added! I’m so excited. With the kids moving out here it will be wonderful to know we are somewhat food independent...farm man and I are in a better place to do all this now. He’s semi-retired from his job...he still works when a call comes in but he’s mainly home with me since covid. I still raise my puppies and he helps with that. 
We are doing some remodeling on the house these days. Covid has given us the opportunity to be home far more which gives us the time to do projects that have been put off for so long due to time constraints. 
I’ll post about the projects in the future. 

Until next time..
The homestead lady

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