Welcome to our Homestead

Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

A quiet, peaceful sanctuary from the chaos of everyday living in a world on the brink of insanity! A place where we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Just checking in

It’s a cold and crisp morning here on the homestead...a hint of smoke fills the air as I open the door to let the dog out....I hear the fire crackling in the stove and see the glow or orange through the glass...I smile...it’s peaceful...joy fills my heart. There’s just something about a crackling fire that warms the soul.

While I don’t like winter and cold I am grateful this year that my family is alive and doing ok...my grandson was not expected to make it is now 6 months old. Challenges lie ahead but we are grateful for today!

It’s been another hard year and my family didn’t gather for holidays this year, due to covid and some of us have health issues that put us at higher risk. While I missed the tradition of cooking and gathering I would miss my loved ones more if one got sick and didn’t make it...I respect differing opinions so please respect mine on this topic. *smile* We are grateful for FaceTime, this gives us a small way to stay connected and see one another. 

Our greenhouse thus far is doing well and we continue to do what we can to prepare ourselves for whatever might come our way in the future. I predict things will only get worse on many fronts and I hope people prepare the best they are able.

Our kids should be over here by Christmas. It’s been a long journey getting them moved over here. The electric has been the biggest issue, according to them they are months and months behind. Hard to believe in the tiny area in which we reside. But what can ya dođŸ¤·‍♀️...wait, that’s all ya can do.

As I close this I want to say...be watchful, be vigilant and pay attention...things are going to get worse. Listen and read between the lines. Prepare what you can, think ahead...

Until next time...


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