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Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

A quiet, peaceful sanctuary from the chaos of everyday living in a world on the brink of insanity! A place where we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

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Monday, August 23, 2021

Snapshot of our life

Snapped these while out on my morning walk. Snapshot of our life.


Summer is quickly coming to close here. The signs are showing everywhere. The orb weavers(garden spiders) are out in full force as are other kinds of spiders. The leaves gently dance to the ground in the morning breeze. I look around and see the slight changes taking place...the underbrush that once was lush and green has been weathered and is tired....the grass has begun to lose its vibrancy as well. The garden is all but done producing...The birds, while they can still be heard have been replaced by singing of the late summer cicadas...these are all signs it’s time for us to began our winter preparations for ourselves and the critters. 

There’s always sadness for me this time of year...I much prefer the spring...that time of newness and renewal...fall reminds me of death I guess...this has been a particularly hard year for us on many fronts...spring and summer for us seemed almost non existent with all we had going on...I think I somehow feel cheated.đŸ™‚

 It won’t be long until the autumn chill will chase us inside and life will become slower paced in some ways...I tell myself seasons are needed for mother nature to continue to do her job...things cycle and those cycles are needed...I think that makes it a bit easier to deal with...lol...for now I will continue to sit outside and enjoy my coffee while the weather is nice and be grateful for it....when the autumn and winter temps chase us indoors I’ll find myself baking and cooking comfort foods in order to get through the cold days....

I really am thankful for the fact we can be home during these uncertain times. We are all facing so much uncertainty it’s becoming difficult to find the good some days it seems...during those times we need to unplug and take a walk in nature if you can or meditate...read, pray whatever it is you do to find peace...these things shall pass. I need to remind myself there’s much to be grateful for even in turbulent times. 

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Proceed accordingly

As you probably have figured out by now, I think a lot...I am constantly in a state of thought it seems. Since late December 2019 when I first heard about covid my radar has been on overdrive. I watch, I listen, I think....like everyone else I have my opinions but don’t freely share...I get upset if I read certain in things, there’s much about people I just simply don’t understand...I always look at both sides of a coin, read/listen to all sides of an argument and draw my own conclusions...sometimes I agree with one side or the other and sometimes I agree with none...I read something this morning that just absolutely floored me...I couldn’t believe I was actually reading it...so of course that got my mind to going...there’s so many sides to this whole covid-19 thing...mask/no mask, vaccine/no vaccine, dems/repubs...it’s just crazy...so my thinking was...what if we all just quit arguing and realized that this is exactly how things are suppost be at this time...what if we just accepted this is the world we live in right now and we all just decided to do what needed done to help each other...what if instead of arguing with one another we put our differences aside and worked to find common ground...if we would all work as hard at finding common ground as we do finding our differences things could be far different...I believe in all situations there’s a lot of gray area...nothing is black and white...this virus is no different...there’s a lot of gray area! A LOT! Maybe we were all put here, in this time, in this place for a purpose...what is your purpose? To bring unity or cause division? You can bring unity but still hold different beliefs! We are all going through this for a reason...many lessons to be learned...this really is just a season...at some point it will end...at the end how do you want to be remembered? A safe place? A place of divide? Causing division or working towards unity? You hold the all the cards. What you believe doesn’t really matter because the truth is there is a power much higher than any of us that has total control! Let that power do what needs done! That power(God) has the ultimate say! I choose to believe that we are meant to be a light in the darkness...light brings happiness, unity, healing, words of kindness...darkness brings the opposite ...division, hate, sickness, meanness...we are to be salt and LIGHT!...next time someone disagrees with you, bless them...smile and say I’ll truly consider your point of view. Wish them health and happiness and be on your way. No need to argue. It serves no good purpose. You will never change a mind that is closed, I spent so much time trying...in the end it was truly time and energy wasted. Speaking my mind once was enough...if someone doesn’t understand the first time, they won’t understand the second or third. They won’t understand until they choose to do so. But the best part is, you can still love them, be kind to them and get along. We have to understand we all have the right to an opinion...but opinion doesn’t equal facts...opinion is just merely a collection of ideas and a strong personal belief about something. That’s it! It’s not fact! The next time you want to engage someone in a debate ask what your goal is? What is your end game? Then, proceed accordingly!

Above all else, prepare...prepare your heart, your mind and your home!

Until next time...

Love & Light