Welcome to our Homestead

Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

A quiet, peaceful sanctuary from the chaos of everyday living in a world on the brink of insanity! A place where we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Back to the basics

I sit outside most every morning after the chores are done and enjoy my coffee....and think....I think about the state of our country and our world a lot....I think about how we are so connected to our phones, iPads, computers etc...I’m not so different...I blog from my phone!....I’ve pondered lately what would happen if we all suddenly lost our technology....maybe through a grid down situation, or internet crash...any manner of things that could take away our “life line”....I sit out side this morning in the quiet and just looked around...I mean really looked around...paying attention to the sounds, the colors, the smells, the feeling of the sun on my skin, the blue sky....I made it a point to do this....I left my phone in the house this morning....I wanted NO distractions...it was nice....I realized all the things we miss every single day because we are so tied to technology...I was really eye opening to me...people would go crazy in a short period of time these days if we lost phone service, internet, power...I’ve felt that way before when our phone service went down...it really is a good idea to have backup communication for at least your family...I think it’s really time to wean ourselves from our dependence on so much technology...I believe it’s going to be our undoing...lay your phones, iPads, computers aside...go outside....listen...breathe...relax....learn to do this regularly...unplug...things aren’t going to get better anytime soon...learn to be ok without your phone 24/7...figure out a way to communicate with your family if you have no cell phone...let’s get back to the basics...our lives may depend on it! Took this video this morning after my quiet time....total silence except for sounds of nature...I loved it!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Things are changing

Mornings are getting a bit cooler and the days getting shorter here on the homestead. Preparations for fall are underway. Barns/sheds will be winterized, hay purchased, extra feed put up. Heat lights tested, replaced and ready to go in anticipation of a long, hard cold winter here. 

We too make sure we have things we need so we need not venture out in the ice/snow, cold & covid...lol. 

The leaves have begun their descent to the ground, lightly dancing in the gentle breeze as they fall...their season has come to an end of providing shade for us, and will now act as a ground cover to help keep delicate plants warm during the cold winter months...

We will soon be chased inside, tucked away quietly enjoying the slumber and slowness that winter seems to bring to the homestead. We will enjoy the winter scents of apple and pumpkin as I bake to bring a bit of comfort in those cold winter days. 

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady