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Welcome to Rocky Oak Homestead™

A quiet, peaceful sanctuary from the chaos of everyday living in a world on the brink of insanity! A place where we prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Just checking in

It’s a cold and crisp morning here on the homestead...a hint of smoke fills the air as I open the door to let the dog out....I hear the fire crackling in the stove and see the glow or orange through the glass...I smile...it’s peaceful...joy fills my heart. There’s just something about a crackling fire that warms the soul.

While I don’t like winter and cold I am grateful this year that my family is alive and doing ok...my grandson was not expected to make it is now 6 months old. Challenges lie ahead but we are grateful for today!

It’s been another hard year and my family didn’t gather for holidays this year, due to covid and some of us have health issues that put us at higher risk. While I missed the tradition of cooking and gathering I would miss my loved ones more if one got sick and didn’t make it...I respect differing opinions so please respect mine on this topic. *smile* We are grateful for FaceTime, this gives us a small way to stay connected and see one another. 

Our greenhouse thus far is doing well and we continue to do what we can to prepare ourselves for whatever might come our way in the future. I predict things will only get worse on many fronts and I hope people prepare the best they are able.

Our kids should be over here by Christmas. It’s been a long journey getting them moved over here. The electric has been the biggest issue, according to them they are months and months behind. Hard to believe in the tiny area in which we reside. But what can ya dođŸ¤·‍♀️...wait, that’s all ya can do.

As I close this I want to say...be watchful, be vigilant and pay attention...things are going to get worse. Listen and read between the lines. Prepare what you can, think ahead...

Until next time...


Thursday, November 4, 2021


We have been working a lot lately. Still working on getting the well, electric and septic hooked up for the kids to move over here. We are making progress albeit slow. We all have to keep in mind you can’t rush these things...these things take time and with the rainy weather we have had it puts us even further behind...sigh...

The greenhouse/hoophouse is doing amazing thus far...we are hopeful it continues to do so. It’s a nice feeling growing your own food. We are living in a world I never thought I’d see and I expect things to get worse...I’ve struggled with anxiety a lot lately...I think projects help keep me focused and grounded. I hope all of you are doing well & staying safe! I’ll post more later...for now I leave you with a video of our greenhouse.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

What are we becoming?

When I read the story of the woman raped on a subway as the passengers recorded the incident I was sickened...I really have no words to adequately describe the feeling that overwhelmed me. 

What has happened to us as human beings? Have we become so self absorbed that another’s suffering is oblivious on us? Have we just decided women are objects to be used and tossed aside? Have we truly lost the ability to feel compassion for our fellow human being? 

We pride ourselves in how intelligent we are as a species yet our behavior says to the contrary! We cannot call ourselves intelligent and continue to abuse, bully and lack compassion for people suffering. 

Bullying is out of control amongst children and adults in this country. We see it in our schools and on social media. Children bully others at school and we must ask where did they learn such disgusting behavior...a quick look at the parents social media will quickly yield the answer....parents post memes making fun of others, our leaders make fun of others so I guess in some minds that makes it acceptable!

We seeing bullying from our pulpits in churches to our presidential platform...it’s not just in a certain partisan group, it’s across the board. We see people stating opinions on Facebook and then bullying those that disagree...we see social media gaslighting....posters post something just to bait an argument so they can feel superior.....we see adult parents bullying and assaulting their child’s teachers over wearing a mask, restaurant workers being abused and assaulted for doing their job...and then we ask why this woman was raped in public...

We need to ALL sit down and re-examine what we are teaching the younger generation...we ALL need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves the hard questions...are YOU part of the problem! Am I? If we admit it, if we truly are part of the issue we must change it within ourselves....I see this trend of  using the excuse I’m trying to wake people up so that’s  why I say the things I say...NO! You are a bully that can’t accept people have a different outlook on the situation. People lie to stir the pot. Or tell half truths.

We all have the right to our own opinions, viewpoints and way of living our life...as long as it’s within the scope of the law why do you care?  Let it be!

When we see a woman being assaulted, violated, and humiliated and you record it...YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

Multiple people were there, they easily could’ve taken the assailant down and helped the woman long before the actual rape while he was harassing her!

Have we become so robotic, so unfeeling that we live our lives just waiting with phone in hand to see what brutality we can capture and share on social media? For what...likes? To pander to our egos? To somehow give a thrill or a rush? What if that was your sister, mom, aunt, grandma? Would you want that all over hell and half acre for strangers to see and watch? 

What the hell has happened to us? It’s scary to think we have become so indifferent to each other that ruining someone’s reputation or life is ok because it’s just social media. We need to remember behind that phone screen is a real human being. When those people recorded that rape did they forget that woman was a human being? When you bully online do you forget the person you are bullying is a real person?

We are living in a world I really thought I’d never see..it’s terrifying honestly...I literally ask myself daily...what are we becoming as a society.

What.are.we.becoming? Sigh...

Until next time...

Thursday, October 14, 2021


During my time on Facebook farm man along with the help of our neighbor and friend built a hoop house. It is 7 ft by 24. We have been working on getting cool/cold weather crops planted. We are anxious to see what we can grow in our climate. So far we have lettuce, radishes, parisienne carrots, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower...I’m waiting on a seed order to plant spinach. We feel with the direction things are going that this just made sense. Below is a video of what we’ve done. Sorry, it’s long...lol

Monday, October 11, 2021

Short lived

Ok, so I was very excited about moving my blog to Facebook...it was short lived! I will be moving back over here. The censoring on Facebook is absolutely insane. When one can’t post an uplifting quote without it being against community standards that’s enough for me. It’s time to wake up! The things going on in our country and world are not ok! The control is becoming crazy! Time to wake up!!

Until Next Time... The Homestead Lady

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Thinking out loud

It’s a cool start to the day...I can definitely feel fall in the air. I sit here, coffee in hand, in the quiet and wonder what comes next in our world. The past 19/20 months has brought about many challenges for us all. Challenges on many fronts, not just political. The challenges have brought out the best and worst and people. I worry about what our future holds....what will really happen to us all. I sometimes feel all the divide and arguing is taking away from the bigger picture of what really going on...Honestly, I know it is...life is seemingly going on for most people...some however are watching, listening, pondering...trying to make sense of it all...some are staying home, not out of fear but just laying low and paying attention...being mindful of what sources they garner their information...not getting sucked in by this side or that side just simply reading and watching...some have tried to tell others to be watchful without much luck...most simply aren’t ready to hear it...some know it, but seem to be in a huge state of denial or normalcy bias....not much one can do to talk to those types...some just keep to themselves doing what they need to do to stay safe...whatever side of the divide your on...just be ready...prepare now...don’t think you can depend on others in the crisis...now is the time to ready your family....I won’t get into what I think is coming...maybe I will at some point...suffice to say you just need to prepare!

Until next time...

The homestead lady